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Rina Goodman

Conflict disrupts our lives, our work and our families. Ignored or mishandled, it can spin out of control, leading to damaged relationships, decreased productivity, and other significant losses for your family or organization.

Rina Goodman, Seattle attorney, mediator, and principal of Transforming Conflict, can help you resolve disputes and manage conflict efficiently and effectively, saving you time and heartache–and avoiding costly outcomes such as investigations and litigation.

Recognizing that that every situation is unique, Transforming Conflict provides several types of services—Mediation, Facilitation, Conflict Coaching, and Trainings—and tailors each process to address your particular situation and needs.

General areas of practice are: divorce mediation, post-divorce mediation, pre-marital and postnuptial mediation, adult family mediation, elder mediation, family business mediation, and workplace mediation.

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