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Rina Goodman

Every family dispute is unique, but unresolved family conflict and poorly-handled family disputes tend to have several characteristics in common: Each may result in a high cost of time, money, emotional sanity, and damaged relationships.

Rina M. Goodman, Principal of Transforming Conflict, is an attorney who focuses exclusively on helping couples and families resolve difficult legal, business, financial, and interpersonal challenges peacefully. Her experience and extensive training as a mediator inform her highly-personalized practice. Understanding that no two couples or families are alike, she will create a collaborative process that most effectively addresses your particular situation. If needed, she also will partner with specialists in areas such as clinical psychology, law, taxation, and finance to create strategic teams that deliver targeted solutions for even the most complex problems.

Transforming Conflict can help you head off conflict, manage it, or even end it, saving you the time, expense and heartache of litigation. We can help you:

Stop destructive conflict quickly.
Engage in constructive conversations.
Address pressing issues.
Create healthy boundaries.
Develop understanding.
Create mutually-satisfying, workable agreements

Areas of practice include:

Marital and Relationship Agreements; Divorce and Legal Separation; Post Divorce Modifications and Relocations; Adult Family Wills, Trusts & Estates; and Family Business Issues.

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