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Rina Goodman

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Mediation is a collaborative and confidential dispute resolution process guided by an impartial third party.  The process can reduce conflict and repair or maintain the relationship between the parties while addressing the hard legal and financial realities feeding their disputes.

As the founder and owner of Transforming Conflict LLC, I have been helping couples, families, and businesses resolve difficult legal, business, financial, and interpersonal challenges collaboratively, rather than adversarially, since 2004. I help my clients find common ground on which to build cooperative relationships. I also cut through the sparring, posturing, and arguments and coach them in effective communication so that they can more effectively address substantive issues. The outcome is a higher likelihood that the parties will reach mutually satisfying agreements.

There are so many compelling reasons to recommend mediation as a method for resolving divorce and family conflicts!

Would you like to stop fighting over every little issue, have reasonable discussions about sensitive topics, and reach agreements about how to move forward?

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