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Rina Goodman

Conflict disrupts our lives, our work, and our families. Ignored or mishandled, it can spin out of control, leading to damaged relationships, decreased productivity, and other significant losses for you and your family.

Let me help you:

Stop destructive conflict quickly.  Establish boundaries.
Reduce anxiety.  Address pressing issues immediately.
Engage in constructive conversation.  Encourage understanding.
Create mutually-satisfying & workable agreements … on your time-schedule.


I have been helping clients work cooperatively to create legal, financial, and practical solutions that are suitable and satisfying for everyone involved since 2004. I provide non-adversarial and client-focused conflict resolution services for:

Divorce | Post Divorce
Premarital | Post-Nuptial
Family Businesses
Adult Families

Schedule a consult with me to discuss which conflict resolution service will be most effective for your situation: mediation, family meetings, or Collaborative Law. I also provide a one-on-one service, called conflict coaching, in which I help clients gain insight into their own conflict styles and develop more effective ways to manage difficult situations that are current or might arise in the future.

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