Rina Goodman, founder and principal of Transforming Conflict, LLC, has been providing alternative dispute resolution services to couples, families, and organizations since 2004. As a former trial lawyer, Rina understands the financial and personal impact litigation often has on parties. Today she is passionately committed to helping her clients achieve mutually satisfying solutions—even when the conflict appears to be intractable—without going to court.

Prior to engaging in mediation practice, Rina immersed herself in mediation study and hands-on mediation experience. She received her initial mediation training at the highly-acclaimed Northern Virginia Mediation Service, which granted her certificates of completion in commercial and workplace mediation. Several years later, she participated in a one-and-a-half year mediation practicum with the Dispute Resolution Center of King County (King County DRC). In 2004, she was certified by the DRC to mediate civil and family disputes and to serve as a mentor mediator. In 2007, the DRC honored Rina by recognizing her as Mediator-of-the-Year.

Since establishing her ADR practice, Rina has earned a reputation as a tenacious mediator who blends compassion and understanding with a skillful ability to remain impartial. Throughout her professional career as a lawyer and mediator, she has been commended by employers, clients, associates, and judges for her professional knowledge and integrity. Her clients have praised her ability to instill confidence in what they can do for themselves and in her commitment to helping them find the best long-term solutions.

Rina chaired the ADR Section of the Washington State Bar Association from 2011-2012. She is currently a member of the ADR Subcommittee of the WSBA Task Force on Eliminating Court Costs in Litigation (ECCL) and the Legislative Committee of the WSBA’s ADR Section. She has served on the planning committee for the Annual Northwest Dispute Resolution Conference since 2008. She also serves as a volunteer mediator for the Seattle Federal Executive Board’s ADR Consortium and the King County DRC.


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