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Seattle Mediator and Conflict Coach Rina M. Goodman

Mediation is a time-honored tool for resolving conflicts. It allows you to create a preferred solution—one that works well for you and the other party—and to avoid getting stuck with a cookie-cutter ruling from the court that may not address what’s important to you. Mediation will also save you time and money while keeping strong emotions from spiraling out of control.

Rina M. Goodman

I have spent more than fifteen years learning about conflict—what it is, how it is triggered, and how to turn it from something disruptive into something positive.

As a mediator, I help couples, parents, family members, business partners, employees, and supervisors resolve misunderstandings and disagreements, restoring trust and productivity across households and within workplaces.

As a conflict coach, I help my clients develop skills to manage conflicts constructively so that they can be more successful in their co-parenting, family, and business relationships.

I perform these tasks together to achieve better and long-lasting results.

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