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Conflict coaching is a confidential, one-on-one process for individuals who wish to develop their communication and conflict resolution skills.

conflict coaching

Whether you are seeking to advance yourself in a profession or struggling with personal relationships, the skills developed through conflict coaching can help you more effectively manage conflict, resolve disputes, and improve or mend relationships. In one or several (2 to 4) short conflict coaching sessions over a period of a few weeks, you can:

  • Learn how to examine conflict from a broader perspective and develop your understanding of the primary factors that contributed to it;
  • Understand your conflict management style and learn to identify your triggers;
  • Develop and practice constructive strategies to prevent or address conflict;
  • Prepare to engage constructively in difficult conversations;
  • Learn how to de-escalate contentious or hostile situations;
  • Enhance your communication skills; and
  • Constructively address and resolve conflict with co-workers and managers.
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