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Facilitated Conversations

What is a Facilitated Conversation?

A facilitated conversation provides an opportunity for members of a close-knitted group such as a family, work team, or congregation (the “participants”) to engage in a respectful and confidential discussion about a challenging situation with the goal of achieving harmony of a vision and/or consensus on how to move forward. 

A mediator or other impartial third party with facilitation skills (aka, “the facilitator”), helps participants voice concerns, share opinions and perspectives, and express needs and interests as constructively as possible, and assists the others with listening openly, without judgement or defensiveness, and with responding with curiosity and empathy so that each person feels respected and heard.

Types of situations in which families may benefit from a facilitated conversation

  • Elder care planning  
  • Estate planning 
  • Probate and trust administration 
  • Family property use, management, disposition
  • Family business conflicts & leadership succession

Types of situations in which businesses and organizations may benefit from a facilitated conversation

  • Work group conflict
  • Team communication 
  • Strategic planning
  • Decision-making involving complex issues
  • Overlapping roles and responsibilities;
  • Accomplishing a specific task;
  • Sharing feedback and information
  • Creating a conflict resolution process for problems that may arise in the future

How a facilitated conversation can help you

  • Prepare for imminent change such as a merger or new leadership

  • Discuss complex issues in order to make a decision

  • Create understanding about others’ points of view, opinions, and beliefs

  • Ensure that there is consensus before committing to an activity or direction

  • Address dysfunctional communication, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings

  • Propose sustainable solutions to a conflict

  • Re-establish trust & create or restore bonding


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