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Seattle Mediator
Rina M. Goodman
Seattle Mediator Rina M. Goodman


Rina’s Curriculum Vitae


My name is Rina Goodman. I am a mediator, conflict coach, and principal and founder of Transforming Conflict LLC.

I have spent the past fifteen years learning about conflict—what it is, how it is triggered, and how to turn it from something disruptive into something positive.

As a mediator, I help co-parents, family members, business partners, and employees resolve misunderstandings and disagreements to restore trust and productivity across households and within the workplace.

As a conflict coach, I help my clients develop skills to manage future conflicts constructively so that they can be more successful in their co-parenting and business relationships.

I perform these tasks together for more impactful results.


  • When I listen, I really listen. I listen for communication disconnects, misunderstandings and misperceptions, shared or divergent values, misinformation, and other matters that make a meeting of the minds difficult to obtain. I point out patterns of interaction that are constructive and patterns of interaction that undermine the parties’ goals and therefore will benefit from a bit of redirection. These “interventions” often result in “aha” moments that enable clients to move beyond mistrust and anxiety
  • I am committed to transparency and self-reflection in my work. Mediators are human, of course, so naturally we have our own biases and triggers. As a practitioner whose work requires constant vigilance against any loss of impartiality, I am constantly mindful of my responses to the conflict to ensure that I am not becoming invested in the outcome or somehow, unknowingly perhaps, influencing it.
  • I personalize each process so that it suits the participants and the situation. Before engaging clients in a mediation process or facilitated conversation, I conduct a pre-conference session to review and sign the agreement to mediate, design the process, and to discuss the next steps for moving forward.
  • I am tenacious and hopelessly optimistic. I care deeply about helping my clients achieve mutually satisfying solutions—even when the conflict feels intractable.

When you work with me, there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll create long-term solutions that everyone will feel good about.

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