Why Mediation (Infographic)

We’ve put together a fun little infographic for you with some quick facts about mediation and just in case the infographic doesn’t load, we’ve added the information below. And if you’re looking for someone in Seattle Divorce Mediation, contact Rina Goodman at Transforming Conflict, LLC.

Why Mediation infographic

Why Mediation

  1. More in-depth process
    • Mediators don’t take sides, make sure everyone is heard (even the kids!), and help all parties involved reach an agreement.
  2. Resolve issues out of court
    • Mediation is confidential and safe and the outcome of your mediation will not be made public.
  3. Tailored to your needs
    • If a specialist is needed, a specialist can be brought in.
  4. You don’t have to meet in a courtroom (or even in the same room)
    • Mediation can be done in person or through various forms of technology.
  5. Perfect for more difficult cases
    • For people who don’t communicate well, or in families where there’s an imbalance of power, or where safety is a concern.
  6. Less expensive
    • $39,990 is the average cost of court fees vs. $3,044 the average cost of mediation fees
  7. More Effective
    • 76% of mediations are fully resolved and 17% of mediations resolve some issues, reducing the costs of court fees.
  8. Faster Process
    • Issues are resolved about 5 months faster than going through the courts.
  9. Easier on the parties involved
    • Parties have a say in the outcome instead of the court making a decision for you and it’s less stressful (going to court can increase conflict whereas mediation works to actively resolve conflict).